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img credit: america.aljazeera.com

img credit: america.aljazeera.com

Whenever a company decides to implement Lean/Six Sigma Production into their business model, a critical component is what is called the Voice of the Customer.

The voice of the customer is the deciding factor in steps that are Critical to Quality in your production process, or which steps in your manufacturing are Customer Value-Add (CVA) or not. If you’re spending a lot of time making your product a certain way that the customer either won’t notice or doesn’t care about, then that is a Non-Value-Added (NVA) activity, also known as Waste.

Marijuana advertisement is hobbled by regulation more than many other markets. Interstate commerce is forbidden as are many forms of advertisement. Marijuana companies are understandably reluctant to perform studies of their own customers.

So I am taking the initiative here as an independent contractor. I am going to the 4/20 Cannabis Cup here in Denver and my mission is to take a survey of cannabis consumers so that businesses can make effective quality decisions. So if you’re a marijuana business, you’ll want to tune on April 20th, 2015 to hear the results. I’ll be asking the following questions of cannabis consumers in the recreating area:

  1. What is your preferred method of marijuana consumption?
    1. Smoking? (Bowls)
    2. Smoking? (Joints/Blunts)
    3. Edibles?
    4. Vaping?
    5. Dabbing?
    6. Topicals?
  2. When buying marijuana, which aspects are the most/least important?
    1. How it smells/tastes?
    2. How it looks?
    3. Strain/Name?
    4. Cannabinoid chemical content?
    5. The Price?
    6. The high?
  3. Would you rather have an edible that hits you faster and doesn’t last as long or an edible that hits you slower and lasts longer?
  4. What kind of high are you looking for?

The first three questions will have data associated with them and the last question is a bit more free form. So tune in on 4/20 and I’ll have my Voice of the Customer Report ready for the marijuana industry along with my own analysis.

What is the voice of the Marijuana Consumer? What do they care about and what are they looking for? Answers to these questions and more will be coming in the next TPS Reports!


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