The 420 Results are IN


420 Results

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The results are in! The Pot Scientist walked around the Cannabis Cup in Denver 2015 with a suit, a moustache and 3 questions. Although it was a very limited sample size, the data still gave me some insights and feelings. [DISCLAIMER] These insights might be recklessly immature so I just thought I’d post them on the internet for free.

Question 1: What is your preferred method of consuming marijuana? Smoking bowls, joints, blunts, eating Edibles, Vaping, Dabbing or Topicals? Some prefer to smoke bowls and I saw lots of edibles, joints and blunts but the overwhelming answer I got was DABBING! For those who don’t know, dabbing is a way that you can consume approximately the THC of a whole joint in one breath. Beer is to Liquor as Joint is to Dab. It’s the same thing just one’s a lot faster. All you need is a rig, a blow torch, and a little dab of hash oil. [MARKET FOR TORCHLESS DAB RIG?] It looked a little unsafe to me but let’s step back and remember the sample selection here.

These are people who paid money to come to the Cannabis Cup and stay for the duration, so a lot of them really like getting really high. Nobody I asked said “topicals” but I would not write off the topicals market at all. I suspect an unrepresented market of health-store-type people who don’t like getting super baked, do like medicinal lotions and creams and wouldn’t be caught dead at the Cannabis Cup.

Question 2: When buying marijuana, which of these attributes are the most/least important? How it looks, how it smells, the name, the price, the high it gives you or the cannabinoid percentages? Here I noticed Customer Segmentation. There are at least 2 distinct markets here. One market only cares about the price and they know it, and another market cares about high quality of every attribute, except the name which doesn’t matter if the rest is good. “The high that it gives you” also scored high, but more research is needed. Factors off the top of my head that can affect your high include but aren’t limited to the customer’s unique biology, cannabinoids, terpenes and method of consumption. [CALLING ALL SCIENTISTS] So More Research is Needed!

Question 3: Would you rather have an edible that hits you faster and doesn’t last as long or hits you slower and lasts longer? I thought more would say faster because it’s easier to dose but I was surprised to hear just as many people say longer. Both sides were certain, like no hesitation. I think a dissolvable tablet that hits you in 1-5 minutes has a market AND an extended release tablet that lasts all day has a separate market.

Last Question was open-ended: What kind of high are you looking for? Some answers were distracting but pleasant, without a fog, relaxing, and it depends.

I am not a Marketing Professional, I’m just a scientist and a quality guy, so I give these thoughts freely. They’re are simply a reflection of what the data were telling me at the time. If you are a Marketing Professional, if you agree or disagree, feel free to comment, share and start a conversation. Happy 420 everybody! If you have freedom, please USE IT and So Long from Colorado!


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