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Marijuana Should be Legal, Regardless of Research

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This post is in response to a specific article posted by the Northeast Ohio Media Group at I saw trending on the Cannabist. (You can find the link below) I picked this article because it exemplifies a ubiquitous, asinine argument made by prohibitionists that I would like to crush under its own unreasonable rhetoric.

The article is titled “Marijuana Research Doesn’t Support Legalization, Public Health Advocates Say” and I’m going to have to stop you right there.

Implicit in this title is the assumption that Marijuana Research could possibly support legalization. It implies that in America, we perform a cost/benefit analysis of products before making them available to the public. AND it implies that if the cost to public health is too high, then it’s the government’s responsibility to make the product illegal, even if the public wants it.

And if you believe that the United States government keeps its citizens away from bad stuff that will hurt them, let me just be the first to say…Awwww…that is so incredibly sweet!…I have no idea where you live but it is certainly not America! I mean, FU-

In these United States, Alcohol kills over 80,000 people per year, firearms over 20,000 and over 480,000 per year from tobacco alone. They’re all LEGAL and should stay that way! As Americans, we have the freedom to get drunk, pull a gun and light up a smoke to process whatever we’ve just done.

So, if your study finds that marijuana triggers schizophrenic episodes, it doesn’t surprise me that a poorly understood drug affects a poorly understood disease but let me say this clearly: THE DANGERS OF MARIJUANA ARE IRRELEVANT TO ITS LEGALITY! If anything, it’s an argument for more regulation (and one I happen to agree with). But all that’s important for legality is that there’s a demand that will be supplied. If people want it, they’ll get it. Legally or Illegally. Making a popular vice illegal creates more crime, costs too much to enforce and degrades overall respect for the law. (See “Prohibition” by Ken Burns)

I swear sometimes it’s like I’m in an internet echo chamber where the 21st amendment never repealed prohibition in 1933. Way back then, Public Health Advocates, Overzealous Law Enforcement and the Constitution itself were backhanded by the invisible hand of the free market, so I don’t wanna hear about your safety of marijuana study! We’re not there yet…not even close. Even if your study found that Marijuana was more dangerous than Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms then it should still be legal, why? Because this is ‘merica! Yee-Haw! Freedom! PheW! BloW!

I thought we decided in ‘33 that it’s not the government’s job to keep us safe from ourselves.  Americans have a right to what they want and not necessarily what’s good for them. So this is a no-brainer, folks. Legalize, tax and regulate. Everybody wins. Unless you want more children smoking tainted “marijuana”, in that case keep it illegal. Because I can guarantee that a lot of drug dealers don’t give a flying fuck and a lot of licensed marijuana business owners actually do.



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