how we should all treat marijuana

How we should treat Marijuana


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Hello Internet! I am The Pot Scientist here with my thoughts about Marijuana Science, Regulation and Cannabis Society. This is my first TPS Report, so I’m going all out and taking a stand!

Just recently, Jared Polis, the congressman from Boulder and a politician I voted for introduced a bill in the House of Representatives called the “Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol” Bill…This would bring marijuana under the jurisdiction of the ATF instead of the DEA. Now, the ATF is better than the DEA, but it is not the best solution.

This is a rant I’ve been bottling up ever since Amendment 64 was introduced in Colorado under the same tagline: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Ugh. They should not be regulated in the same way because they aren’t similar products. They’re not even close. Ethanol is a small molecule that IS POISONOUS! Marijuana is a plant with a smorgasbord of cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, the list goes on and every strain is different. They’re all big organic molecules with complicated interactions in your endocannabinoid system and the only thing the scientists agree on is that it’s NOT POISONOUS! Actually it’s remarkably non-toxic.

Alcohol should be regulated more tightly because it kills so many people each year. It’s a matter of public safety and think of the children! Marijuana should be regulated like a dietary supplement under the FDA after harvest and like any other crop under the USDA before harvest. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there were only 230 reported deaths from dietary supplements between 1983 and 2004. That’s only like 11 per year! much closer to the 0 reported deaths from marijuana or corn. These are very low numbers especially compared to the 88,000 deaths per year from excessive alcohol consumption between 2006 and 2010 according to the CDC. So instead of “Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol” I say “Regulate Hemp like Corn! and Marijuana like Vitamin A at the most!”…it’s not very catchy, doesn’t really roll of the tongue, but I’m an engineer and not a marketeer…But vitamin A is actually poisonous in high doses so…the more you know!

But I’m not talking about regulation here, I’m talking about how we treat marijuana and alcohol in our society at large. What I’m saying is that we should have a full flip. A switcheroo if you will. We treat alcohol like it’s no big deal which is a huge disservice, especially to the children watching the super bowl commercials for liquor. We treat marijuana like it’s the devil, hell-bent on destroying our children. I’m saying that the inverse is more appropriate.

I’m not saying that Alcohol should be illegal. We tried that and it didn’t work. That being said, alcohol is the devil. It leads to violence, overdose, drunk driving and death. It is the devil and should not be so willy-nilly. Marijuana is fun, it’s like a beer commercial. Try this for me, watch a beer commercial and imagine it as a weed commercial….mmm…makes more sense right?

That’s it for me, The Pot Scientist, bringing you TPS Reports on the Science and Society of Marijuana on the weekly. If you have problems in your marijuana business, there are solutions at Cannabis Quality Engineering, more than just good advice. So long, sayonara, see you next week.



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