Are you Canna-Curious?

Are you Canna-Curious?

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Hey! It’s The Pot Scientist here with my new favorite term I heard from The Women who Grow Panel (#womengrow) at a CloverLeaf University Conference and this awesome term is…CANNA-CURIOUS! I like it because I think it’s how a lot of Americans are feeling right now.

Are you Canna-Curious? Are you considering coming to Colorado cuz you’re canna curious?

Before you consume marijuana in Colorado, there are some things you should know!

First of all, you can buy Marijuana buds here if you’re over 21 but you can’t smoke marijuana anywhere. Not your hotel room, not in public, not in your car even if it’s not moving. You can only smoke in a private residence in Colorado! Or maybe in a limo, party bus or cabin if you’re doing an all inclusive sort of tour. It’s messed up, we know.

So, you’ll probably be eating an edible unless you like sneaking around and dodging cops. You can get so much higher on an edible than you can smoking because it takes so much longer to feel it. says “Start Low, Go Slow” with edibles, which is great advice. It means that if it’s your first time, eat like 10mg or less and wait like 90 minutes before eating any more.

The more complex the food the longer it takes. So a nutty brownie will hit you later and last longer than a tincture. I like Dixie Elixirs’ infused sodas because they hit me smoother than baked goods.

Set aside some time! Like a “Lord of the Rings” movie amount of time. If you get too high just remember you can’t overdose, keep breathing, and remember that it will pass. Ommmm.

Tip of my hat to the Marijuana Policy Project and for giving out good information. This TPS Report is brought to you by Cannabis Quality Engineering: more than just good advice. Sayonara and see you next week!


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